Ice Dams

Roof Raking & Ice Dam Removal 

Ice Dam Steaming Southington CT

Dow Gutters, LLC provides expert ice dam steaming services in Southington, CT.  We are the first contractor, in Connecticut, to use a low pressure steam solution to melt frozen ice before it causes damage to your roof, gutters, fascia and interior of structure.  The hot steam cuts through the ice, using low pressure to ensure the integrity of the roof remains intact.  This state-of-the-art steaming machine cuts through the ice, safely, without harming the roof, gutters or fascia.

Considering New England’s winter climate and snow potential, it is imperative to remove and ice build-up from gutters.  Ice dams form when it is freezing outside and the warmth from the interior ceiling causes the snow to melt and build-up at the site of the gutters.  The outside temperature causes the melting water to re-freeze.  This traps the water underneath the gutter and roof line and creates a thin layer of ice, referred to as an ice dam.  Ice dams cause extensive roof damage, as well as interior property damage.

Dow Gutters, LLC has over 15 years experience in dealing with storm damage to homes and businesses. We have the right equipment (snow shovels, snow rakes, calcium chloride) to repair your ice dam and reduce additional property damages from winter storms and ice buildup.

Ice Dam Formation

Ice Dam Formation

Ice Dams may form when:
• There is snow on the roof
• Average Temperature is below 32 degrees
• Roof surface temperature is above 32 degrees at its higher and end and below 32 degrees at its’ lower end.
• Indoor heating rises through the ceiling into the attic and warms the roof surface
• Snow on the heated part of the roof melts and flows down until it reaches the part of the roof that is below 32 degrees.
• Water freezes into an ice dam